Acceptance and Commitment Training for Coaches


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Nonviolent Communication

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Professional development and continuing education courses to deepen your coaching knowledge and enhance your skills

Has your coach training left you feeling like you have a good grasp of a wide variety of tools, but on a mostly superficial level? Are you left wanting to know more? Or do you just want to dive deeper and expand your knowledge?

Most coach training programs, by their very nature, need to teach you a little bit about a lot of different things, an approach that by necessity focuses on breadth, which then leaves some of us wondering about the depth.

Concepts for Coaches was created specifically for this purpose: to provide professional development courses to delve deeper into concepts and approaches useful to our coaching practice.

"ACT for Coaches is an inspiring and powerful course that delivers valuable insights, accessible practices, and resources that coaches can apply in client work. The course has the added benefit of holding space for us as coaches to practice self-care. What makes the course magnificent is Gloria Walker's inspiring facilitation. She's passionate about the content and energetic and thoughtful in how she delivers the course. I highly recommend this course."

Diane Bailey-Boulet, ACC | Author


Teaching tried-and-true tools and techniques to help you enhance your client's experience

Most coaches have a versatile toolkit they use with clients and are always on the lookout for new tools, especially when they are well-established with plenty of empirical evidence and research to back up their claims of effectiveness.

Concepts for Coaches has identified a few such tools, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training (ACT) and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and offers introductory courses to their frameworks and methods within a coach specific context.

These tools are extensive, robust, and flexible, which makes them ideal for use in coaching and in enhancing your client's experience.

"Act for Coaches, with Gloria Walker, was one of the most efficient and exciting classes I have ever taken. Gloria is an amazing teacher who is able to take complex ideas and distill them into bite sized pieces.

The class involved lectures, group exercises, and some coaching based on the examples we gave in class. She always let us know that she was there to explain anything we may not have understood, but honestly, her teaching style is clear, and her slides and handouts are excellent. And her sense of humor makes even the most complicated concepts fun to learn.

One of the biggest surprises of the class is how the tools keep resonating as life unfolds. One of the questions I ask myself now is, are you hooked? If the answer is yes, then I do one of the exercises to unhook. I no longer have to be a prisoner of any thought.

I have used the tool of unhooking from thoughts with my clients as well. The way Gloria taught it made it easy for me to teach to others. 

If you're thinking of upping your coaching game I highly recommend Act for Coaches with Gloria Walker. She is an amazing teacher and I'm happy to call her friend."

Indrani Goradia, ACC, Founder RAFT Cares

All courses are presented in a coach specific context - designed by a coach for coaches

The courses offered by Concepts for Coaches aren't just more courses on a psychological technique facilitated by and designed for therapists with coaches thrown in as an afterthought.

These courses are designed specifically for you.

They are developed and taught by Gloria Walker, PhD, ACC, Certified Master Coach. Gloria brings 15 years of experience in higher education plus extensive teaching, facilitation, course development, and coaching experience to each course. She has done the in-depth research into each topic so you don't have to and has sifted through the material to ensure what you’re learning consists of coaching specific tools and information.

The end result is a well-organized, thorough, and approachable introduction to the topic presented in a professional, supportive, interactive, and fun learning environment.

"I just completed the ACT for Coaches course, and I was delighted with the whole experience! I had gotten just a taste of ACT in my life coach training and wanted MORE… Gloria’s passion for teaching the subject was contagious, and the type of students her work attracts made for a safe space to dive into the tools and get vulnerable enough to see them in action.

I’d highly recommend this course to any and all life coaches who want a thorough and approachable introduction to ACT—you will learn simple and powerful tools to use with your clients, and in your own life!"

Cid Lough, Master Wayfinder Coach

ACT for Coaches starts Wednesday,  June 7

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Diversity Statement

Concepts for Coaches by Gloria Walker Coaching is anti-racist, anti-discrimination, anti-hate, pro-diversity, pro-equality, and pro-equity. This is a safe place for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ persons. We are committed to dignity, equality, equal rights, and justice for all human beings.
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