NVC in Coaching

I designed NVC for Coaches to be a supportive, approachable, interactive, and thorough introduction to Nonviolent Communication in a coach specific context. The course is designed specifically for you as a coach and takes into consideration the boundaries and limitations we, as coaches, face.

NVC is an approach to communication that is empathy-based and has at its heart the goal of meeting needs and finding cooperative solutions to problems or conflicts. We can view it as providing guidance for both how we communicate with each other as well as how we communicate with ourselves.

From this perspective, NVC is useful in coaching for both the client and the coach, providing valuable tools and insights for interpersonal communication and how we engage with ourselves and our negative self-talk.

NVC helps clients work through interpersonal issues and conflicts by focusing on meeting needs in an empathetic nonjudgmental way and without creating defensiveness. While it's not just about the "tricky" situations, since its principles can be applied to everyday conversations, it does particularly well when there is an issue or conflict that needs to be resolved, whether at home or work.

NVC is also a useful approach to help clients better engage with themselves. It provides a way to practice self-empathy by identifying painful or intrusive thoughts and feelings and relating them to unmet needs. As such, NVC is essentially a form of thought work when applied to negative self-talk.

As coaches, NVC helps us to communicate more effectively with our clients by ensuring we are consciously coming from a place of empathy and observation rather than evaluation and judgment, which can lead to the client becoming defensive and shutting down rather than to the insights they could otherwise gain from their work with us.

Finally, by doing our own work in the form of self-empathy we ensure we're not bringing our own issues and biases into conversations with clients and thus creating barriers to meeting their needs. Plus, there's always the added personal development bonus of being able to apply NVC's principles to our own lives! 

This course is offered quarterly.

Course Details

Summer Session begins Wednesday, July 10 and runs for eight weeks.

Dates: 7-10, 7-17, 7-24, 7-31, 8-7, 8-14, 8-21, 8-28.

Time: 1:00-2:30 PT

  • We’ll meet for 90 minutes to ensure there is plenty of time to cover the week’s material, questions, and allow for practice.
  • All meetings are live via Zoom.
  • Classes are recorded and posted to the course’s learning portal.
  • Course materials are posted to the learning portal for review and/or download.
  • We’ll have a private Facebook page for our group for discussion and interaction.
  • The group will remain small to allow for a personalized experience.
  • This course is accredited by the ICF for 20 CCEUs (15 Core Competency and 5 Resource Development).

Cost: $1297.00

Early-Bird Pricing: $997.00

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Course Content

NVC for Coaches is for coaches who want to learn about a tried-and-true method for facilitating better and more productive interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills, sharpen their coaching skills, add new tools to their toolkit, build confidence, increase their effectiveness, and do so in a safe, supportive, and unintimidating environment.

Topics include:

  • NVC’s origins and history – putting it in context
  • Foundations of NVC
  • NVC in interpersonal communication
  • NVC in intrapersonal communication
  • Self-empathy vs. negative self-talk
  • Creating understanding
  • Intention
  • Communication roadblocks
  • Needs vs. wants vs. strategies
  • Requests vs. demands
  • Observation vs. evaluations vs. judgment
  • Honest expression
  • Mindfulness and attention
  • Nervous system dysregulation and self-empathy

 This is a highly experiential course with plenty of time dedicated to learning and practicing NVC’s tools and techniques both in and outside of class.

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Your Instructor:

Gloria Walker, PhD, ACC, Certified Master Coach

Gloria Walker is the founder of Concepts for Coaches and owner of Gloria Walker Coaching. She has over 15 years of experience in higher education and has been a coach since 2017. Gloria is a Martha Beck Certified Master Coach and has her ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation. She has extensively studied Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Nonviolent Communication, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Coaching, and Mindfulness in Coaching and incorporates these concepts into her professional development curriculum.


Email: [email protected]

Diversity Statement

Concepts for Coaches by Gloria Walker Coaching is anti-racist, anti-discrimination, anti-hate, pro-diversity, pro-equality, and pro-equity. This is a safe place for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ persons. We are committed to dignity, equality, equal rights, and justice for all human beings.
Until Black Lives Matter no lives are truly safe
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The Equal Rights Amendment is still necessary

Linda Mueller | Wayfinder Life Coach

Gloria’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for Coaches course met my needs for learning, growth, discovery, structure, and partnership!

Thank you Gloria for creating and sharing this course by bringing your mastery and passion for NVC to coaches!  I find the modality very life giving and it serves as a supportive, creative, and inclusive tool for coaching and life!

The highlights of the course include the opportunity to practice NVC through Gloria’s thoughtful in-class discussions and practice exercises as well as her creative and purpose driven home practice assignments.  Gloria invites authentic, open and curious participation and learning.  You will love everyone who shows up!

If you currently practice NVC and already include it in your coaching practice, I highly recommend giving yourself this opportunity to dive deeper into the concepts and practice in a structured and purpose driven class.  Gloria’s depth of knowledge and teaching style is rich and poignant and will leave you with the tools to continue and support your NVC practice.

If you are new to NVC and have always wanted to get started, this is the perfect opportunity to learn what it is all about and add it to your tool box for yourself and your clients!


Marni Schmid |Coach, Consultant, Project Manager

In NVC for Coaches, Gloria pares a huge topic down to the relevant details for coaches. If you’ve been thinking of reading the books, taking the classes, or joining a workshop so that you can translate what you learn into an effective way to work with your clients, stop and take NVC for Coaches first. Gloria provides the detail and background you need to effectively use NVC as a coaching tool and includes relevant tools in the training so that you don’t have to sift through the world of NVC information and find them yourself. By using the tools in class on a situation that you’re living through, you get to see first-hand how the tools will work in a coaching session.

This is a great investment in your coaching toolkit.


If you’re interested in learning about NVC in a supportive, fun, and small group environment with plenty of opportunities to engage with the tools, then join us July 10!
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